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Ethical Attitude
We place respect for people and environment at the forefront. Honesty and reliability are our core values. We keep our promises and fulfill our commitments. We act in accordance with the laws and regulations, respect the social and cultural values, and comply with the rules of business ethics.

Creating Solutions
We aim to provide continuous improvement with creative ideas for the benefit of our customers and our company. We aim to provide customer satisfaction with our perfectionist production ideas, sales and after-sales services.

Teamwork and Experience
We see teamwork as the foundation of our company's success. We aim to create a business environment where views are exchanged, the sense of belonging is high, different ideas are valued, team spirit is important, and thus experience increases.

Creativity and Entrepreneurship
When starting new projects, we are excited and aware of all our responsibilities; we act in an entrepreneurial way and always aim to make it possible to do what has never been done before, and we make maximum efforts to realize it.

Winning Together
Our customers are also our family members; so that we work with the awareness of winning together. We believe that all our activities should contribute not only our company, but also the sector, the industry and our country.

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